Restoration diary / 05-03-2006

05-03-2006 >> Many small things (I believe the front is now ready for sand blasting!), tested and mounted the fuel pump

thumb/p1030277.jpgp1030277.jpg (600 x 800)
05-03-2006 - To test the fuel pump and see how much noise and vibration it creates, I made a test setup. As the liquid runs through the motor and is needed to cool it, you cannot dry-test it or test with water. To avoid an explosion, I tested with gas-oil. The pump is run off a battery charger, using almost one amp. The fuel exits on the left of the photo. To my surprise, the pump runs very quiet with only small vibrations. With the Mini engine running, the fuel pump will not be heard. So, extra sound-proofing will not be necessary, just mount it outside the interior, on thick rubbers, mounted to the massive rear sub frame.

Another nice surprise was that the pump had no problem sucking up the fuel from the lower level. I thought these pumps didn't suck (pun intended :).

thumb/p1030278.jpgp1030278.jpg (600 x 800)
05-03-2006 - For the first time, mounted the turned down disk brake in the caliper. It seems to fit quite nicely! :-)
thumb/p1030287.jpgp1030287.jpg (800 x 600)
05-03-2006 - Made a bracket for holding the fuel pump out of stainless sheet (same as for the fuel cell). In the back you see it mounted on a rubber, sharing the mounting point with the exhaust. At the top end of the photo is another rubber mount. On the left you see the fuel cell. The front of the car is to the right...