Restoration diary / 08-10-2006

08-10-2006 >> Plaster, sanding, re-spray and 'new' rear door.

thumb/p1030611.jpgp1030611.jpg (600 x 800)
08-10-2006 - Finished plastering and sanding the left side of the car. I'm reasonably happy with the result.
thumb/p1030613.jpgp1030613.jpg (600 x 800)
08-10-2006 - More plastered spots.
thumb/p1030614.jpgp1030614.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - The nose was a LOT of work, but turned out well.
thumb/p1030615.jpgp1030615.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - Another shot of the nose.
thumb/p1030616.jpgp1030616.jpg (600 x 800)
08-10-2006 - Left side of car, after a re-spray with epoxy-primer.
thumb/p1030618.jpgp1030618.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - Left side of car, after a re-spray with epoxy-primer.
thumb/p1030620.jpgp1030620.jpg (600 x 800)
08-10-2006 - Doors, after a re-spray with epoxy-primer.
thumb/p1030621.jpgp1030621.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - Nose, after a re-spray with epoxy-primer.
thumb/p1030623.jpgp1030623.jpg (600 x 800)
08-10-2006 - Another shot of nose, after a re-spray with epoxy-primer
thumb/p1030645.jpgp1030645.jpg (600 x 800)
08-10-2006 - Remember the photo of the left rear door? Here's a new one, shipped from the U.K.. Stripped from all the paint, it looks good from the front.
thumb/p1030646.jpgp1030646.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - A bump in the bottom of the door, from shipping. If the frame behind the door was not rusted as badly (see next photo's), this wouldn't have happened.
thumb/p1030647.jpgp1030647.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - Top of the door, looks pretty well too.
thumb/p1030649.jpgp1030649.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - The bottom of the door. On the right the reason why the bump in the door was created, there just wasn't any frame behind the door plate to support it.
thumb/p1030650.jpgp1030650.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - Inside of the door, the bottom of the window frame. Doesn't look too good, but in reality is it worse than this.
thumb/p1030651.jpgp1030651.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - The top of the door has been repaired in the past. It looks solid, but has not been done too nicely. To the right, there are holes, the left side is the worst part in this photo.
thumb/p1030652.jpgp1030652.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - It was time to replace the top of this door with the top of the door that didn't fit. Here's the result, the piece on top is what I removed from this door.
thumb/p1030655.jpgp1030655.jpg (800 x 600)
08-10-2006 - Same scene, seen from the inside of the door. Here you get a better view on the quality difference between the old en new top of the door.
thumb/p1030657.jpgp1030657.jpg (600 x 800)
08-10-2006 - The new duo, shining. On the floor, the door that didn't fit and the old top.