Restoration diary / 13-11-2005

13-11-2005 >> Spacers in the hood, a bit on the manifold and pictures of a 12G295

thumb/p1020863.jpgp1020863.jpg (600 x 800)
13-11-2005 - Added spacers in the gap between the original hood and the horizontal tube (compare to the original gap).
thumb/p1020864.jpgp1020864.jpg (800 x 600)
13-11-2005 - Close-up of a spacer. A bit of sheet metal folding, welding, machine grinding and lots of grinding by hand.
thumb/p1020870.jpgp1020870.jpg (800 x 600)
13-11-2005 - Added two welds to the exhaust manifold.
thumb/p1020871.jpgp1020871.jpg (800 x 600)
13-11-2005 - The 'new' head came by post. It's a 12G295 and in the center of the picture. On the left, there's a CAM4180 (normal 998 head) and on the right a 12G940 (normal 1275 head). The one in the center is the one as was originally fitted to Mini Coopers with the 998 engine. It's getting rare and is almost perfect for this turbo conversion. This head has better flow than the original one and fits the engine better than the 12G940 (avoiding hot-spots). The larger compression chamber makes getting the compression ratio down easier.
thumb/p1020873.jpgp1020873.jpg (600 x 800)
13-11-2005 - Same order, looking at the intake and exhaust. The 12G295 is much alike the 12G940.
thumb/p1020879.jpgp1020879.jpg (800 x 600)
13-11-2005 - Same order, bottom of the heads. Again, the chamber of the 12G295 is much alike the 12G940. If budget allows modifications, I want to fit the exhaust valve of the 12G940 and a bit bigger intake valve, both of the Rimflow type.
thumb/p1020881.jpgp1020881.jpg (600 x 800)
13-11-2005 - Close-up of the valves. You can clearly see the difference in valve size.