Restoration diary / 19-02-2006

19-02-2006 >> A few things for the mill

thumb/p1030263.jpgp1030263.jpg (600 x 800)
19-02-2006 - Many new parts. Top to bottom: A clamping kit, accurate hook, accurate dial indicator, a cutting tool, set of end mills, 3-jaw chuck for the mill and an end mill adapter.
thumb/p1030265.jpgp1030265.jpg (600 x 800)
19-02-2006 - With the 'new' chuck installed I can turn down the brake disk, as can been seen in this photo. The mill is running, the cutting tool in the vise is only there for display purposes...
thumb/p1030268.jpgp1030268.jpg (600 x 800)
19-02-2006 - Clamping kit in action.
thumb/p1030270.jpgp1030270.jpg (800 x 600)
19-02-2006 - Turned down the diameter of the brake disk to 8.1", so it would fit the Fiesta calipers.
thumb/p1030272.jpgp1030272.jpg (800 x 600)
19-02-2006 - Also bought a holder for the cutting tool.
thumb/p1030274.jpgp1030274.jpg (800 x 600)
19-02-2006 - Nice new Bosch fuel pump for the fuel injection setup.