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25-01-2005 - The word is out, the disk works! It makes a whole lot of noise and you have to get used to it, but it works alright! The main problem was that the disk picks up metal from the subject it tries to heat up and creates sparks (it works a bit like a grinding disk). This makes the surface of both the disk (and the subject) a lot less smooth, making the situation even worse. A (or "the", I don't know yet) solution was to put a little bit of engine oil on the disk. After this the disk creates a less heat (less friction) and you have to put a lot of pressure on the disk, but it works like a charm. It doesn't create any marks on the metal you work on anymore, it heats up the spot, you cool it down with a sponge and the metal shrinks.

The side of the tank that used to be warped now seems straight. Only problem is that the part with the tank sender hole in it still sticks out.

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