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30-10-2005 - For a long time I thought I needed a 1300 as an engine, with a nice head to create the HP the Van needs. Somehow I got to think of using a turbo on a 1000, to combine good mileage and torque/HP. Probably because the 1000 in the red Mini, in combination with a MD 266 cam, is a very nice engine. It just lacks HP...

I bought an almost new Garrett GT15, used for about 1000 km on a Volvo S40 diesel. This is a modern, small turbo, good for up to 220 hp, excellent for the Mini. This turbo is much better than the T3 as used for the Metro turbo. The small size makes sure that it spins up much faster, giving torque at lower revs. The GT is of a newer design, which should help too. Also, it should be possible to fit it without adding a box to the bulkhead.

Here you see it in the position I first thought it should be in. In this position, the manifold right after the turbo cannot be used. This manifold has a 2" diameter, this should fit the exhaust perfectly.

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