Restoration diary / 19-03-2006 / photo 468 (645) - p1030290.jpg

19-03-2006 - It happened kind of unexpected. Wondering what I should do I started sanding the roof. Over the weekend I also did the left and the right side of the car. Then I took out the sand-blaster, hooked it up to the compressor and started sand-blasting some hard-to-reach-with-the-sander spots. Just to see if it worked. It went pretty well (although I should have used the bigger compressor), but it became a huge mess. The sand-blasting material was all over the place and it was next to impossible to clean in and under the car, with all the parts in/on it. I think at around 17:00 I realized the car should have been taken apart first. At 20:00 I was ready and the Van was back on the "spit". Even the last screw removed from the car...

The next step was to put plastic on the walls to, first, protect the walls and my tools from the dust and second, to keep dust away when I'm going to paint the car. The gives a nice white environment. I also bought a matching white painting overall, I'm a surgeon ready to operate the patient.

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