Restoration diary / 21-05-2006 / photo 476 (645) - p1030315.jpg

21-05-2006 - It's been a lot of extremely dirty work, but I managed to get the bottom of the car sand-blasted (something I would not even recommend to Bill Gates ;-). This shot is after cleaning up the garage, preparing to paint the bottom. The biggest problem is dust. That, and the limited vision (destroyed 4 pairs of glasses/masks). And the ceramic tip of the pistol wears out quickly, enlarging the gap, causing too much air to escape. My two compressors (delivering 300-350 l/min) just can't keep up, dropping back to 1,5 - 2 bar working pressure. Did I mention the dust? I hate dust. Oh yeah, you work in 15 - 20 minute cycles. Gathering and filtering the sand-blasting material, re-filling the tank, sand-blasting for 10 - 15 minutes. Repeat. On the plus side, it's really easy to remove rust and thin layers of paint. On the other side, it's next to impossible to remove tectyl (by the very nature of the product).
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