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My supplier (DCM Trading) didn't have the Maniflow linkpipe in stock, so he supplied a stainless steel linkpipe at no extra charge. Very nice! Unfortunately, while fitting the exhaust, at 21:00 I found out it was about 13cm too short and no way to get it to fit. At 6:15 the next morning we were going to drive to France to catch the boat to the UK. My only option was to add the missing 13cm myself. I do have a welder for stainless steel and I did have some pipes from the exhaust for the Van. But they are 2 inch in diameter (the exhaust is 1 3/4 inch, for a good flow in the exhaust it's not good to have big changes in diameter) and the longest part was 11cm. So I prepared two pieces of pipe, cut them through in their length and welded it all back together. Thanks go out to the neighbours for not complaining about the use of the grinder at 21:30... :-) The pipe looks strong enough for the job and flow might not be affected too much...

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